Terms & Conditions

The following rules form an agreement between MCTBetWin and its members.
By registering with MCTBetWin, you understand the Terms and Conditions, subject to modifications from time to time, and you agree with them as legally binding for both parties.


1. By accessing the MCTBetWin website and by checking the box for acceptance during the registration process, you confirm that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, and you understand that they will be in effect from that moment onward. Using any of the Games or Services also signifies that you accept these Terms and Conditions.


2. You are 18 years of age or more, or above the minimum legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, whichever is higher. You further confirm that you are legally allowed to participate in the Games and Services under the relevant laws in your jurisdiction.


3. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their username and security details remain confidential. In the event that a customer suspects this may no longer be the case, they should notify us immediately. Any transactions carried out under the username will be the customer's responsibility.


4. Due to the nature of the products and services we offer, we are unable to provide return of goods, refunds or cancellation of your service when playing. Funds are drawn from your account instantly when you are playing a game with real money.


5. Fraud, collusion, fixing or any other actions which can be considered unlawful are strictly forbidden in relation to your or any third party’s participation in the Games and Services. In the event such activities are taking place, we reserve the right to close your account and invalidate any betting.


6. In the event any of the provisions contained herein have been breached by you, or we have reason to believe you have breached them, we may close your Member Account and withhold any of your winnings.


7. All information we receive from you is true and accurate. You will immediately notify us of any changes to the information you have provided.


8. You must only use wallet addresses that are valid and legally under your name for matters related to withdrawals and deposits of funds to and from your Member Account.


9. The reference language of the present Terms and Conditions is English. In spite of the care taken during translations, in case of difficulty of comprehension of any clause of these Terms and Conditions, only the English version will be valid.


10. Each member is only allowed to have one Member Account. We reserve the right to block or terminate all your betting accounts if you attempt to open more than one account.


11. You shall notify us immediately if you become aware that you have more than one Member Account. In the event that you fail to do so, we reserve the right to block or terminate all of your betting accounts.


12. All bonuses offered by MCTBetWin are intended to be used by recreational players, and bonus abuse will not be accepted in any form.


13. Prior to releasing or approving any withdrawal, MCTBetWin reserves the right to request from customers to furnish with information such as proof of Personal Identification, front and back copy of credit card/debit card, Passport, Driving License or recent bank statement or other appropriate documentation as MCTBetWin, at its sole discretion, deems necessary. If you fail to comply with any security request, MCTBetWin reserves the right to void any winnings in your account.


14. These Terms & Conditions are part of the General MCTBetWin Terms & Conditions.


15. These terms & conditions prevail over any communication via email, chat or phone.


General Promotional Terms & Conditions

1. It is only possible to claim one deposit bonus per account/household/IP address/person.


2. Most of our promotions come with rollover requirement. Bonus funds can’t be withdrawn until rollover requirement has been met.


3. Any bets placed on two opposite sides or draw will not be taken into the calculation or count towards any rollover requirement.


4. Should we suspect a player has committed bonus abuse, we reserve the right to forfeit the bonus and confiscate funds won using the bonus.


5. Should bonus abuse be suspected, MCTBetWin reserves the right to investigate, suspend or cancel any account. MCTBetWin also reserves the right to cancel an individual’s bonus and bonus funds.


6. MCTBetWin will not take responsibility if member provide incomplete/incorrect information, which might result to delayed/ failed delivery for gifts or lucky draw prizes.


7. MCTBetWin reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim, or refuse any promotion at our discretion.And withdraw wuth TNC


8. Rebate and Bonus can't claim at the same trasaction. 


9. All management decisions are final.


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